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Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area and is located in the north-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula.  It is the fourth richest country in the world and the second richest in the GCC with a population of 4-5 million, 70% of whom are expats.

Filled with a mixture of souks and shopping malls you’ll find dress codes are relaxed; women will happily wear designer fashion or abayas whilst the men will be seen wearing either shorts and t-shirts or their traditional dazzling white dishdashah.  Dress code is simply to be respectful, with shoulders and knees covered.

Kuwaiti’s are known to be a friendly nation and moving your career to Kuwait could be a wonderful experience for you and your family; where English is widely spoken, where you can enjoy a fantastic cultural heritage whilst taking in the warm climate and being in a region of the world where it is easy to access so many other cultures.

Lifestyle in Kuwait is less conservative than some other regions in the Middle East.  It has one of best freedom of speech laws in the region and whilst alcohol is strictly prohibited there are plenty of restaurants and activities, such as the VIP theatres with massaging reclining seats with personal butler service, to keep you entertained.

The weekends are on Friday and Saturday, with Friday being their holy day when shops and businesses are generally closed.  Working hours are generally 8.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday.

The majority of people living in Kuwait are Muslims, so Ramadan and other religious events are influencing factors on day to day living.

Accommodation is readily available with most expats living in large apartments.  Traffic can be an issue in Kuwait as there is no public transport so people rely on driving and many people choose to have drivers or use taxis.  Distance from the workplace is definitely a consideration! The cost of accommodation is lower than in the UAE and the utilities already included in the rental price.  Typically family accommodation will cost approximately $2000 monthly.

Entertainment is often found outdoors due to the excellent weather conditions.  Football is the most popular sport in Kuwait and there are many water sports available as well as camel riding and racing.  Eating is a very social pastime and there are many cafes and restaurants throughout Kuwait City.  Expat parties are plentiful alongside the cinemas, shopping malls and fantastic beaches.

Weather in Kuwait is cooler than some of the other Gulf countries, where winter temperatures average 15°C whilst the summer months average 40°C, although humidity is usually less.

Education is of a high standard in Kuwait with most expats choosing international schooling since Kuwait public schools are generally taught in Arabic, unlike the international schools who teach in English and which also usually follow the term times of the home country.  Admissions into international schools follow the usual system of interviews and entrance exams and places are highly sought after, so we would suggest applying early in your recruitment process.  Yearly fees for schooling vary from approximately $4,000 - $11,000, depending on the age range of the child.  Transport to and from schools is provided, though this is an additional cost.