TALENTFIND™ is designed to change how medical recruitment is done currently.  It is a very cost effective cloud based system enabling recruitment firms to search their talent database to very exact medical qualification criteria, thereby ensuring only the very best candidates are identified so saving hours of a recruiter's time immediately and ensuring that the right candidates are given to the end client thereby enhancing the reputation of the recruiter.

For hospitals and clinics, it bolts on easily to any of the existing HR or Hospital Management systems, enabling the details of successful applicants to be uploaded automatically to their HR system for on-boarding.  They can therefore identify, track and manage the whole recruitment process in one single environment.

1000+ Medical Qualifications

UAE (HAAD, DHA, MoH & DHCC), Kuwait, KSA in-country qualifications

Uniquely manages recruitment across hospital groups

Matches individual hospital criteria

Intelligent matching of candidate to job by Hospital, Health Authority and Region

Access to thousands of candidates across the world

what does it do


  • Monitors and tracks the whole end to end process

  • Candidate E-Portal including ability to upload documents

  • Integration with Social Media, Job Boards and Website

  • Automatic CV portfolio creation (customizable to client)

  • Text and email alerts

  • Full email integration, including Campaign Management

  • Diary management

  • Intelligent Job Matching and Search Capability

  • Account/Client Management

  • Large Scale Recruitment Management

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Invoice and Finance Management

  • Client e-portal (New feature)